Unladylike Behavior EP scheduled for release in 2023!

The Scotch Diaries EP

Released 1.30.19

Cigars? Scotch? Kazoos?  Damn straight. Vandello is proud to present their debut album recorded at the world-famous Blackbird Studio in Nashville. Six original tracks that run the gamut from bouncy and boozy to "dark...but with a wink." 

Described as "astonishing", "refreshing" and "unique for our time",  this lively blend of gypsy jazz and modern speakeasy is a breed all its own. From the zippy party tune "Mixology 101", to the sweetly simple "Only Ever You", to the delightfully naughty "Evil Streak", Vandello's debut tracks are unlike anything you've heard before - and guaranteed to get stuck in your head.